I have not been well lately and have questioned myself on many things in my life, questions which challenged my existence, questions on why what happened did happen.

By the grace of the Almighty, i am quickly snapping out of it and picking myself up, but not without help. HE is and has helped me stay grounded. HE has also sent me help… he has given me my mom, my cousins and my closest friends.

But of course my husband, he who has been my pillar of strength. He has been in the middle of all this turmoil i’m going through.

What hit me was when one of my girlfriends said to me, that nothing in this world belong to us. Our husbands don’t belong to us. Our children don’t either. It’s when she said that, that i felt relieved, gained clarity… HE sent me that clarity and message through her.

Thank you my friend.

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