My Cupcake

This young lady is out sick and off from school today… my poor cupcake 🧁

She called me after school yesterday sobbing cause she felt lousy and had the biggest headache… ever! I smiled thinking, what a cry-baby she is but quickly comforted and consoled her that ibuk is back soon, so everything will be alright. That she shoild go rest in my bed and wait for me. She stopped crying and was calmer almost immediately.

That is all she wanted… to hear ibuk say everything will be alright 😍.

I know i do, whining to my mom when something goes wrong and knowing she will make it all go away.

Mothers. Being one is already a superhero 💪.

Although they don’t walk sturdy and straight anymore, they heal you with their touch and their comforting words… or a nag 😘.




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