When you love someone

When you love someone, you not only want him to be happy, you want him to be healthy too, because you want him to be well always.

When you love someone, you also remind yourself that he is only with you temporarily, you borrowing every little time left with him by HIM…

Everyday i remind myself of this, that i am only borrowing him temporarily and i fall in love with him all over again and grateful with HIM for this time given to me.

I am constantly in fear that one day he will be taken away from me, which he will and i am not ready for that day… yet or if i ever will be. So i pray that i will be taken first cause i don’t think i can take another heartbreak.

Is that how you feel when you love someone?
When you still miss him although he’s next to you? When you look at him when he sleeps, fearing that one of us may not see the light and each other the next day?

To tell the truth, i cannot believe we’ve been this far… we get so caught up with children, work, parents… that we tend to forget to catch up with each other, to take a moment and remember where and why we were together in the first place.

Every little part of me is you….

I pray that we’ll be given more time together, grow old together and go on long walks because we can’t run anymore 😍

I believe that these little voices that i have is a constant reminder from HIM, the almighty, to pause and get back on track spiritually then to walk aimlessly in a hollow street.

That’s when i know that HE loves me ❤

Is that how it feels when you love someone?

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