Working Late for Working Moms

I feel the need to ramble and speak my mind on behalf of all working mothers especially those without helpers, because we dont have the luxury to engage one.

Please take note that we do have the desire to be a super power woman who is doing awesome both in career as well as a soccer mom. 💪

But … we got married and decided to have children and learnt that they are now our priority.

That is why we come in first in the office everyday to get a headstart. Why? Because we do not want, cannot afford to work late on regular basis.

Not because we are not hardworking.
It is simply because when we do that, our children are left alone at home.

In my case, my son has to take over mommy duties for a few hours while waiting for me to be back when their dad is working too. My son who just came home from school hungry, will have to wait for me to either buy or cook dinner later.

Whereas my girls will help with basic house chores and most of the time watch tv till I come back.

You have no idea how much that 2 hours meant to my children if I am back early. We can have dinner, school books checked, spelling done and we can even watch Tanglin together !

Have to hurry home and spend whatever time I have left for tonight.

Now… on top of having to pay $38 taxi to rush home, then go get dinner …

I need lots of love ❤

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