Handover Day 23.8.2018

Our kitchen renovation has just been completed recently and i cannot thank Allah enough for we have been blessed…

Blessed with patient and fuss-free children.
For my hubby who has been 100% supportive and helpful… he was the one who mostly waited on the contractors and i got involved only when needed.

He cleaned and mopped after every works knowing that i have allergies and asthma.

We did almost everything together in making sure this renovation goes on smoothly and with the least hassle.

Visits to the laundromat are always as a family so the children appreciates how much time it takes to do laundry and why i nag all the time when their socks are inside out.

Those who is dreaming and thinking or seriously considering to do a facelift of your home while staying in….

1. Ensure both parties are in it together 110%… because you can’t do it all alone.

2. Decide on everything together as a couple and a team. The results are sweet and fulfilling after seeing it coming together… knowing who chose what and why we came up with that decision šŸ˜ƒ

3. Next, is to choose an ID you are most comfortable with. Follow your gut, and wont usually go wrong.

We had seen at least 10 ID companies and shortlisted 2 in which TidPlus wasn’t the cheaper option… but because of Dann’s experience through our gazillion question sessions with him.

4. I was also stalking both IDs on social media and reading reviews on them. Past testimonials are usually useful.

Today is hand-over day and here is the man behind one of the important projects of our lives šŸ˜Š

Dann our ID said that it is rare to have a kitchen with 4 different tiles but we stuck to our guns and told him that’s what we want. He took up the challenge and even he was impressed on the outcome…

But Dann wasn’t too pleased that our stove was huge because it meant he had to make sure the cabinets were measured to precision and fits the design šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚… well, i told him that is the stove i have always wanted and he has to work around it anyways.

Dann is a not a sales guy or a yes man guy who agrees to everything we say but he is very experienced and has been doing this long enough to know what he knows.

Thank you Dann… for your honesty first and foremost. Also for helping us complete this project with almost no hiccups… not really hiccups lah, we just got impatient and cranky towards the end because we couldn’t take eating takeouts anymore šŸ¤­

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