Our Home Renovation Schedule is OUT !!

When we moved in back on 19 Jan 2003, we’d never thought that we will be doing a home renovation facelift 15 years later after having 3 children 😀😁…

We thought the simple renovation we did was enough and would last till our children get married and have their own children.

Unlike others, we have never done any other minor works until now.. well not so minor i guess 😊

After going through several ID companies, met up at least 10 and shortlisted 3, we finally agreed to go with TidPlus based on their experience and reputation.

Plus, Danniel isn’t like a salesman who says Yes to whatever we want but do challenge us whenever he thinks what we envision is not the most practical way to go but… he does lay out all the pros and cons to ensure we make an informed decision.

Well… he did tell me that i couldn’t have drawer kitchen cabinets with my free standing stove/oven

We started looking for ID companies actively since Nov 2017 and took our time with the process…

Hey, we are not born rich, so this facelift and its costs means a whole lot to us. Choosing the best ID that can work with us is our priority.

We have been toying with this decision but eventually came to a decision that we either do it this year or not at all in future. Reasons being (1) Dhia is taking her PSLE next year and we really want to focus on that in 2019 and (2) we had no plans t9 move out from our flat in AMK central… well, that is the plan with the Almighty’s blessings.

The facelift works will start on 2 July and we have less than a week to tidy up and pack all the stuff in the kitchen away. Only pantry items left and we’re all set.

Schedule is out and we’re meeting Dan tonight to go through it thoroughly together…

Here we go… and more stories another time.

#LifeFullOfLemons #HahnsHomeRenovationFacelift2018 #IbuksBlog

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