Final week to our home renovation facelift !!!

Final week till our home renovation facelift starts on 2nd July 😲😱😳🤪…

I would be lying if i say we’re ain’t nervous.
We are petrified !!!!!! 😫😟😖😣

Re-doing our entire kitchen, common toilet and room flooring which will take about 1.5~2months.
Both of us have done all the research and homework prior to this but who knows what will happen once the actual work starts.

Many of those who has done it previously while staying in have warned and gave us many tips on what to expect and what we can do, to minimise dust and stress.

Yes – dust…

We’re taking it one day at a time and have pre-empted our children all the worst case scenarious… and hope they stay patient amd resilient 💪💪

I will share our journey for the benefit of those who are planning to do the same in future.

Until then, Bismillahirahman nirrohim… ❤

#LifeFullOfLemons #HahnsHomeRenovation2018

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