Forced to PAUSE

3 weeks ago i slipped over a greasy floor and twisted my left ankle quite badly, that i had to ice and nurse it for 2-3 days in bed.

Today, i still walk with a slight limp as i can’t flex it normally when walking fast or go up or down the stairs.

But i am thankful that it is getting better slowly and hopefully, eventually, insya Allah will recover fully.

All thanks to those who has been caring and gave references as well as recommendations. I ended up going to one at People’s Park Centre.

I was really really skeptical because i was afraid they would aggravate it by pressing in my bulging, swollen and painful ankle!! šŸ˜«

Thank God he didnt and i actually felt so much better, as the pain and swell subsided tremendously afterwards. I was like… WOW… “Uncle, your hands are like magic!!”… šŸ˜± He was just massaging the focul points under my knee, calves and foot and only ever-so-gently around the ankle after making sure i was no longer in excruciating pain.

It was a pleasant visit afterall šŸ˜Š

Fast forward to today…
No more ankle guard, no more heels..not so soon at least.

When this happened, i was forced to PAUSE. Yes, pause and go slow. We are always in a hurry to go somewhere, to do something, etc. So with my injured ankle, i had to walk slower.

Don’t be in such a hurry to do everything at one time.
One step at a time.

Think about it, because if i didn’t fall, i wouldn’t appreciate my ankle. One of the many body parts which we take for granted. This incident made me be thankful. ā¤

Thankful and grateful for health.
Cause health is wealth

Take care and be well āœŒ

Here i am in the office, feeling bright and sunny today šŸŒšŸŒž


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