Who am I kidding?

I woke up this morning with a fresh new determination to finish all the pending housework which I had planned to do before I had that fateful fall which left me with an agonizing swollen left ankle … ouch !!!

Boy was I so wrong. I ended up feeling frustrated and yelled at my children for not helping me with it. They left for their Quran lesson and me, with a heavy heart and guilt. Guilty for venting my anger at them.

Why are mothers like that? We get angry, frustrated, disappointed and then we snapped at everyone else at home… then feel guilty afterwards.

I envy mothers whose heart is made of gold and unlimited patience. Why don’t I have that?? Sometimes I wonder if there is something not right with me, with the way I react to things when they don’t go the way I want at home.

By the Almighty’s grace, it strucked me, to take a grip. To pause. To pause for a moment and tell myself, what the heck! I will just do some of it now, take a breather and continue afterwards IF i want to.

That’s when i decided to start this blog which i have planned like, for the longest time. The 3-hour WordPress workshop which was organised by Awesome Site, was simply A Awesome. Andrew is a great coach. Yes – it is free of charge and he teaches everything you need to know about WordPress. Here i am… 🙂

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